Wild by Cheryl Strayed in an about an extraordinary journey of emotions,relationships, physical stress and an unavoidable desire to understand life.

What Cheryl went through in her life is what most of the women go through in their lives. What she felt during those times is what most women feel.How she reacted to the tragedies in her life is how most of us would react.

But, the way she directed herself from a spoiled and lost girl to a matured and wise woman is where we all fail. It takes courage, determination, perseverance and a lot of hard work. That is what makes Cheryl Strayed stand out from all of us.


The book is a memoir on the author’s adventurous hike on Pacific Crest Trail, the PCT, for 30+ days. A 26 year old woman, who lost her mother to cancer, had a failed marriage and heart broken to see her family drifting apart, find hiking alone the PCT  as a way to run away, runaway from herself and her own life, ended up in finding herself. It is amazing how this young woman has get through all the difficulties on her way.

How has she carried her over weighed bag which she called ‘Monster’, how has she survived her cravings and appetite as she was broke most of the time, how she managed to walk miles after losing her only boots to wilderness, and  how she managed to keep herself safe from the snow,  the extremely hot sun, wild animals and men.

May be her quote explains how :


Cheryl, undoubtedly is an extraordinary women and a very talented author. The way she has explained her journey in the book is the way I dream to write , one day. The way she has figured out the puzzle of life is we all dream about.


Wild, is must read if you are someone like me, who is always lost and anxious to figure out the things happening around. Wild is a must read if you think life is hard and it always lets you down. Wild is a must read if you are a woman. Wild is a must read if you are not a woman. In short, you can’t afford to miss this.

And to Cheryl,yes, I too can’t believe that how wild it was, to let it be.


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