Life Lately

I am constantly thinking that I haven’t had a single post for a week. It’s hard to believe I have so much of unfinished drafts but have nothing to post. Sometimes it is hard to finish things which we left in the middle. First of all there is a reason why we leave stuff in the middle. And we can’t blame time for everything.

For me, pile up of stuff means nothing but I lost my interest. And it is funny how my ‘interest’ runs out fast just like my mobile battery while in wifi. I am not sure whether everyone faces this problem. May be it is silly but people, it is hard and makes everything dull.

img_4831Ok, now I am whining. May be I should get a grip and get back to my updates here. Though a lot of happening around, I have been into my work for last one month as we are running on a tight schedule and I have to admit I am enjoying developing, testing and redeveloping things…till my interest takes a U turn.

Reading: The Polyester Prince – This book is about the journey of Ambani, one of the greatest business man India had ever seen and the way his business was built up. This one is considered as the most honest description on the business situation of India, and thus banned in India. So far, pretty good.


Writing: About things to do in Bali which will help you to plan your next vacation.

Wanting: A new phone and a bracelet. Well, this time my wantings have  become pretty materialistic, what else can I say.

Missing: Me, myself….still.

Looking: At all the cute babies around and thinking do I want one or not ?


Wearing: My forever21 denim and basic tshirts everydayyyyy. Because its getting too hot here that I want to wear only small sleeves and loose cotton clothing..but of-course the denims is all time comfy.

Playing: Nothing. Dear God, why I am not even a teeny tiny sports person.

Wishing: To celebrate my bday this year with my parents.

Enjoying: As I said, my work and driving. Ya, I accomplished one of my new year resolutions and I am pretty much driving everywhere now. We already started long distance road trips and planning a bunch in coming months too. Excited!!!


Waiting: For easter and next trip to wherever it is.

Liking: The new amazon prime and wink apps. Though its not very new, I got time to try just now and yes its pretty good. I already finished 2 original shows from amazon and now I marathon the 2 broke girls. This show seriously takes me back to my days in Trivandrum where me and friend used to find ourselves always broke. Those days were pretty good though I really don’t miss the ‘broke’ part of it.

Wondering : How cruel people are. Can’t open the newspaper. It makes me depressed.

Needing: A good friend…constantly for years.


Smelling: These new fruit soaps from Bali which I finally unpacked. These are so cute and smells just like the fruit.

Thinking: About what to read next ? Suggestions anybody?

Knowing: That I love quotes from wise. And by wise I mean whoever can relate their emotion and intelligence to the real world. Like this one.

haha…jus kidding

Noticing: That I haven’t visited a salon in 6 months since I had my last hair cut. Is it weird, or have I really grown up ?

Hoping: For an onsite project and more learning while exploring some new place.

Feeling: Less anxious. I have had a great time since this year beginning, emotion-wise. My anxiety has finally become less proactive and more kind of reactive. Well the reactions are based on the daily crap I deal with but I am pretty much relived now.

Creating: New music playlists.

Cooking: All kinds of crap. As people are eating it without complaints, I am all good.

Drinking : Bourbon whiskey and loving it.



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  1. thedevenlee says:

    I enjoy your blog posts 🙂 sweet picture of you in the alley way. I visited India last year but it was too short wish I could come back for a month or two

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ilovdecember says:

      Thanks a lot. India is amazing all the time. Next time,try to extend your visit at least a month so that you get to see the real India.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. thedevenlee says:

        That is the plan! Prob not til 2019 tho 😉


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