Universal Studio Singapore

It was my first time in a world class amusement park and I was literally amused and amazed. Universal studio must be the first one in your must-visit places in Singapore list.


Universal studio is in Sentosa island, Singapore.There are monorails from Harbour front metro station or you can walk through the connecting bridge to the island. Despite your purpose of visit, which will and should be universal studio, entry to Sentosa is chargeable.

Sentosa has many attractions other than Universal studio. If you wanna enjoy the island and each and every ride of Universal Studio, I would suggest you to plan 2 days in Sentosa. As accommodation would be a bit costly in the island, entering the island in 2 different days would be a better option. This post is to cover just the Universal Studio.


The Entry Fees:

Entry fee for one adult is 75 SGD. If you go for this normal and minimal fee, you can enter the studio, enjoy all the rides once but have to be wait in queue at every ride. And trust me, you might spend whole day in queue. Luckily we were warned by some online friends, so we opted for an express pass. Express pass with cost 150 SGD per adult(double the normal fee), but the queue or express passes are either nil or the least and you can enjoy any ride any number of times.


I literally went on my favorite rides more than 3 times as we had enough time being treated as VIPs with express pass tag on our wrist. It is a bit expensive but I would strngly suggest you to go for this. It is worth.

The themes:

The park is divided into multiple regions based on themes. There is Hollywood with steet shows, walk of fame,Sesame Street and some amazing shows on making of movies. Also here you get to ride the Transformer and the roller coasters.



Some one is all excited šŸ™‚
The Sesame street show


The Bollywood street


Then there is Ancient Egypt with the Revenge of Mummy ride.




Can you spot me ?


Then we have the Jurassic Park with some less exotic rides and many fun activites.

The Far Far Away fairy land is any eye candy and there is where you meet Shrek in a 4D show.






At last, SanFransico with the street food, minion marts and pretty people.


The rides:

There aren’t a lot of rides like the local theme parks, but you can’t afford to miss a single ride here in the studio. I can’t rank the rides on a common base but my favorites were the Transformer and The Mummy. Of course, Studio has the best roller coasters in Asia, and yes it has but I can’t call it my favorite as it scared the hell out of me. Well at least I realized that, despite of the image I had about myself, I am not really an adventurous person.


There are two roller coasters in Studio, both can satisfy the adrenaline rush in you. The Transformer is a 3D/4D ride and it will make you feel like you have been reborn as a transformer or you are simply living the life of one.



Revenge of the mummy ride is a dark and scary one with many free back falls and yes it is sooo amazing. We rode multiple times and still I couldn’t get my heartbeat under control.

The Food Trucks:

I don’t think I need to say anything here. The food tastes just as the trucks seem..yummmy.






I know I have over loaded this post with pictures but when you see some place amazing like this, can’t help but to keep on clicking. šŸ™‚


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