Hey March…

So February has ended, pretty fast. I don’t really like or dislike February, though I may be the least excited during this time of the year. This is when I finally get into the fact that the new year really happened and now I can’t go back even though how crappy last year was.

So 2017 has been pretty ok until now. My life is on a low beat and am happy with it. I really don’t like the hurry and rush. So stay good 2017.

As a part of me trying to be a little organized (though my brain keep on saying I can never be), am revisiting my new year goal and rating where I stand. Uff, I am all grown up. So here we go :


  1. Get my driving perfect – Done. And can’t be happier.
  2. Get a new hairstyle – Nope. Haven’t being to a salon for a long time. I guess I could do this once I find a solution for my hair lose.
  3. I am gonna be more like my mom – Almost there. πŸ™‚
  4. Honor my time – I am working on this everyday. But sometimes it feels a little selfish and self-centered as I have to ignore some people to get to Β my own zone. So now I am more kind of working on balancing both.
  5. Say β€˜No’ more often – Luckily I didn’t come across a situation where I was hesitating to say ‘No’. So far so good.lisa-zoe-54245
  6. Walk more – Noooo. I am not able to do this one. I know that my sleeping trouble and eating trouble could be reduced if I could ever start working out.
  7. Atleast 30 days with parents – Now I feel like 30 is way too much as I might not get off from work for even 20 days. Already sounds like an unrealistic goal. I am on 4 out of 30 now, and trying to reach at least 10 by April.
  8. Read more and write more – The ‘read’ part is working fine but the other is still the same. Well, its just March now, I could pick up any time. πŸ™‚
  9. Start each day with at least one goal – I really would have done this, if someone reminded me to do it. My memory sucks. I have this feeling since long that I am gonna get amnesia as I grow old. Seriously. That weak is my memory. So may be my goal everday should be to eat one badam Β and work on the memory part. This is depressing.
  10. Pray more – I am on it. I wanted to visit church minimum 10 times this year and am already on 2. Hope I could keep the same pace.oskar-krawczyk-172847I have been thinking that I should have goals for every month than every day. So there is enough time to get things done. Β Anyway, that is just one of my thoughts and I better don’t let the other ones spill out.

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