Life blues…

Sometimes it is about those things that you miss every day. Some things you wish to get back, some don’t. Those times like the day you saw your first love, the day you two held hands first, the way you ate his lunch all alone… And then there are those times which remind you why life has dragged you to this point where all those days have become just memories. Some good memories. Some bad. But both worth missing for. May be this is how the way it is. May be this is how we all were destined to be. May be its all for good. But then it’s all just another ‘may be’.


And that is what I hate about life. It doesn’t follow a pattern. It doesn’t tell you what the heck is ahead. It wants you to be totally unprepared so that it can enjoy when you lose your shit and fall every time. After all its life. And I honestly hate life. May be a little less than how I hate people. Ok. But those are the only things which I got – Life and People. Maybe I don’t hate people; I just dislike some of them. Or on some days many of them. And I think it’s ok.  I think life is ok as far as you know the people you love and the people you miss, all are alive.

Seriously ? Am I really saying these words? When did I grew up for this? When did I start to talk like an adult ? I haven’t even been enough child. I miss that. I really wanna go back from, I don’t know, ‘adulthood’???How can I go back ?  How can I stop growing ? I didn’t know adulthood  comes with a ton of unattractive stuff. Like responsibilities, relationships and the hardest part of keeping self calm. Its not fair. Childhood was beautiful.


You know what, I wasn’t prepared. To start with, I wasn’t prepared to be born. But it happened anyway. Then I wasn’t prepared to go to school. But I had to. Then I wasn’t prepared to grow up, and I don’t even know when it happened. I am an adult now? Really? Am I supposed to take all the life pranks by myself? I wasn’t prepared for this. I am not prepared yet.

But then, life meet us when we are clueless. And then it make sure than we remain clueless till the end. That bastard. Still how are we so obsessed with it? I never know.


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