R.I.P drafts

Can you believe that I have 25 drafts pending to be completed and published ? And then I whine that I don’t have anything to write about. When I started writing this one, I was pretty sure that this is going to be the 26th draft but now I am proud of myself. I made it. I finished a post in one stretch. God job girl..

alvaro-serrano-133360So, even though I have 25 drafts, out of which almost 15 are on travel and others are my wandering thoughts which keep me awake whole night and also too short to be published. Even though I set a goal each time to work on the drafts, it ain’t happening. Its too hard to write once I am out of that sense which actually  made me start the post at the first place. Is that too strange ? Or, is everyone a draft quitter like me ? I am not asking, I am just wondering.

As I don’t see any progress in any of the drafts, I am planning to put it in ‘R.I.P’ folder and start new whenever I plan to post something. Well, that doesn’t sound practical. But keeping it doesn’t sound smart either. So, whatever. Bye bye drafts.


Deleting the drafts doesn’t mean I am gonna ignore all the untold stories. I am just gonna start fresh. This is just part of my cleansing routine, which I usually do in my room, cupboard, bags and for the first time here on my blog. Next would be my life and relationships…oh well, nothing much to do there since I have no friends and my life is not very interesting. But hey, talking about less interesting, we are skipping our Holi celebration for the second year.

Holi, definitely is a fun festival and so very colorful but I can’t think myself being covered in those colored powder and getting wet in colored-dirty water. No. That isn’t my kinda fun. Because it is something most people, especially kids look forward to, I can’t just sit home and kill the fun for everyone. So we are planning a getaway since its a long weekend.


I should say, I ain’t so happy with Maharashtra except during the monsoon. Everything is dry here. What happened to the Great Western Ghats ? What happened to its luxurious waterfalls ? And what happened to the beautiful villages along the Konkan ? Its all brown…everything is brown and dusty. 😦 I am really disappointed. Being from the greenest place like Kerala, I really can’t appreciate this dry landscapes and dried rivers.

Thus, planning for sight  seeing is cancelled. So we have booked a resort, some 4-5 hours away from home, and would be driving till there on Saturday morning. That’s the plan. Hope we get 3 days of nothing but boozing and sleeping. Hope everyone else get a nice and water less holi.


Happy Holi !!!


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  1. A.D!! says:

    I was just looking at my 29 drafts today. It really is that mood. Suddenly you feel the urge to write about something and for some reason get distracted but it’s hard to get back to that topic or that thought. Sometimes I think I should get a recorder 😄

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  2. ilovdecember says:

    Recorder is a great idea…I get most of my writing ideas while I am in bath and by the time I rush out to write down, its all gone. Hard to pen down my own mind. 🙂


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