Retirement home

Before you start looking for the pictures of my retirement home, here is the disclaimer :

‘I am not retiring. I am not planning to retire. Actually it’s just 6 years since I started working and most importantly, I am always broke. So I am not retiring and there is no retirement home….yet.’


But whenever I think about retirement, there is this place in Kerala where I want to spend my …’last days’.

I always imagine a small house with big multicolored glass windows, a small garden, a dog and of course a dozen cats. I also have plans to open a free library as I don’t wanna sit home and watch Netflix all day long when I am 70, although that is what I wish to do on weekends now.


This place is a real beauty. A not so rural village with acres of tea estates. The climate is cool and in winter it is bit chillier than just cool. Also I love the January winds over this brings the scent of bakula flowers and every time I just get lost in it.Oh, I already am missing it.


This place is called Vagamon, and its a not so big hill station in Idukki district of Kerala. Its best place for a single day trip as well.  There is a suicide point, so many meadows, a pine-forest with a pond in the middle, tea plantation and factories, a mediation house and farm with foreign breed cows – run by priests.

This is the best place for boarding schools and colleges. Did i mention that I did my residential MBA at this place ?

These pictures were clicked during my last vacation in Kerala. We visited Vagamon as it is the nearest hill station and the place I never am bored of. It looks the same all time. I even love the cemeteries here…its a little wierd, I know.But just look at these pics. How can you not love this place ?





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