Summer is here.

Hey there,

Hope things are good at your end. I was a little busy on work  for the last few days. I have been planning on writing a lot of things but had no time. Also, since I had deleted all my post drafts, I have nothing to share now. hmmm. No comments on that.


Things are going pretty well now. I am constantly working on my writing skills and also sharing a lot of travel pics in my instagram. Check it out here – My Insta) Recently I realized that I have plenty of good pictures from my travel which I never shared with anyone. So in free times, I am going through my hard drive and getting back some good memories.


Also, I have found an online movie streaming site, which is actually eating most of my sleep time now. Apart from that, started on an amazing book though I am not yet freed form the last one’s hangover. For me, hangover from a great story stays long than a booze. Book lover problems.


Talking about the pics here, I think Mehul is finally progressing in his photography skills (:P) These pics have come out pretty nice, though the location supported a lot for it. The blue dress is one of the most comfortable dress I have ever owned. I bought this from Bali for 1,50,000 Balinese rupiah which is like 750-800 Indian  rupees. That was a good deal.

Its a jumpsuit cum dress and can be styled in the way u want it. Here, I just put it own as that is the best for the summer temperature of Mumbai. I also looks great with a broad tan belt, can be wore to a date or small party. I choose no accessories but my sun glass and the tan sandals which has become my daily wear these days.



I am planning a two weeks vacation in Kerala. Still a plan, but am already excited. I might get chance to celebrate this Easter with my parents. Also, its raining there in Kerala. So I gotta go.

Until next post.


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