The 30 posts challenge

I am not a challenge person. I am not even a person who is up for anything. Ya that lazy I am. But I realize that the only way to improve the quality of anything is to take up some challenge and work on it.  So yes, even though my mind says I can’t do it, I am up for a challenge this time. I will tell you what it is..


Have you noticed that recently my writing style has become more casual? And I am scribing away life related posted more often. I like that. Not that I am giving away more of my privacy but I am sticking on to content and writing is becoming more fun than before.

As a child, I hated to read travelogues. I was a hardcore fiction enthusiast. Even now I barely opt a travelogue though my fiction love also has faded. I blame the amazing autobiographies and memoirs for that, a genre which has wooed me in my early adulthood and still stay strong. So sometimes I feel like I am forcefully writing about one of my travels to convince myself that I haven’t ignored my love for writing. Even though I like the fact that am sharing the beauty of a place in a public platform.  But even I haven’t really written a travelogue yet. All I am doing I sharing the details on travel.



So, my point is now that am doing more non-travel writings I feel better and happier and prouder. And I decided to work more on it. So, the challenge I am up is the 30 posts non-travel writing challenge. Yes, it’s a little scary and I am not sure whether I will be able to do it. 30 sounds too big. Yet, I gotta try. I might not be a challenger but heyy I aren’t a quitter either.


Still I am going to be a little lenient on me and let me give 2 months to complete the 30 posts challenge (cheating no: 1) considering my work load and the vacations planned ahead. Also this post would be coming only after I complete at least 10 write ups (cheating no:2 & horrible trust issues on self).  It’s hard to realize how unpredictable I am even to myself. But nice to am still controlled by my mind and not brain.

So here we go.



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