Morning thoughts

30 posts challenge – Post 1

  • How could a woman go on a hike for 3 months with no money or shelter? How could she got through it. How could she write down her journey this beautifully? She is brave and beautiful.  The kind I like. Do I have to do something adventurous to write something good? Do I too try solo travel? Everybody is travelling solo these days. And then showing it off everywhere. Everyone is a traveler or a photographer. But that has nothing to do with me, does it?


  • Why am I not able to write the way I wish? Will I ever be able to? I need more words. Beautiful words that make meaningful sentences. Sentences that sound like an experienced story teller. And a story that anyone would wanna write about. Does people really come across stories in their travels. When I travel all I get is sore throat and muscle cramps.
  • Why haven’t I already started on new book. How many have I kept on my bedside table, hoping to read? Why is that the time and effort in researching and buying a book doesn’t last till I finish reading the book. My reading hangover is too long. I have to shorten it somehow. It takes months for me to get over a good read. Need to work on that.


  • Talking about work, isn’t today a working day ? What time is it ? Why am I still in bed ? Will I be able to make it to office in time or am gonna stuck in traffic forever ? Why can’t I just check the time and be done with all this questions. Ehh.  I don’t wanna move…But phone is in my reach. Ya, but I don’t wanna stretch.  I hate how lazy I am.
  • What do I cook today? OMG. I totally forgot that. Lets not waste time thinking about that now, will eat out.
  • Do I really need to take bath today? I didn’t sweat a bit yesterday. My hair looks fine and am not stinging at all. The water would be cold and isn’t everyone talking about conserving water. If required, I will bath at night. Fine. Decision made.


Ok. Now that’s it. Lets get out.  Lets catch the mind and lock it up. Enough already.


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