Life Lately

Yes, here is another life lately because I can’t believe it is already April. This means we have completed 1/4th of 2017, already.  Wow, that was fast.  Wasn’t it yesterday that I was in Bali, celebrating the New Year? God, I am still on the hangover of 2016. Haven’t started writing 2017, without striking of 2016. Anyways, here is what am up to.


Nothing. I am up to nothing this month. Because am all ready to celebrate Easter at home. I am travelling home this week and will be back only after mid April, which means I am just gonna eat and sleep till I am back. Still, I have some plans for half of April and May which I wanna put down here, so that I will still remember the plan once am back from my mini vacation. Here comes another bullet point post. Please don’t be annoyed.

  1. I have cleaned up my closet, finally. Last week I realized that my closet can be quoted as the best example for a disaster. So I bravely pulled everything out, threw a lot of clothes which I haven’t used in last 2 months and cleaned everything up.
  2. While I was cleaning my closet, I found so many chocolates (I had to throw few that got expired), the missing bottles from Victoria Secrets Perfume collection, my silver nose ring and natural fragrant fruit/flower soaps we bought from Bali. I swear I have no idea, how these things got into my closet, I suspect by life partner for that.i-m-priscilla-228220
  3. Since I cleaned all the stuff up, and found that there is not many trendy casual outfits to wear, I decided to go shopping, but quickly ‘had’ to give up the idea(majorly because of a money saver husband). But, inspired from the latest blog I found, I decided to try some minimalist ideas and try to refrain myself from shopping for next 3 month. While I am not shopping, I am trying to figure out my natural style, save some money, make a list of basic things I need to carry own my style with minimalism. So if I am not tempted badly, I would be doing any shopping only in July, technically. But hey, since my birthday is this month, I deserve one day exception aright.
  4. I started wearing more formals to office now since its impossible to wear denim for even 5 mins(it comes up to 46 degree some days), and I am not left with too many ethnic wear since my closet clean up.
  5. We are back in house hunting. Ya. We had parked this tedious and boring activity since last year but now we are back on it. We really want to own a house at the place we live now. And wish to have a  pretty library cum work space for us, attached to our bedroom. We are seeing options. It is taking too much time and money.  I hope we could finalize by this year.kari-shea-207221
    A few inspirations we pinned.


  6. I am yet to get some plants for my balcony. I have had many chances in last month but I don’t want them to be burn in the horrible summer sun and die without getting water since am not home for 2 weeks. So postponed this until monsoon. I am planning for a jasmine and bougainvillea.
  7. Even though I would be away from my laptop and mostly phone for next 2 weeks, I am gonna go strong with my 30 non-travel post challenge. So do come back for new posts twice in a week.

Also, consider this as my second non-travel post. Hehe. See ya.



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