I don’t remember what day or what time it was but definitely a few hours before sunset because that is when I decided to get out of the smokey room and decided to grab a beer and wait for the sunset sitting on the shores of the beautiful Arabian Sea at Varkala. I had nothing on my mind. Literally nothing. I was amused because my mind never stops making noise but now, at this moment, it decided to let me free. And I felt nothing but peaceful.


I kept staring at the chilled kingfisher bottle on my table and the fair tourists passing by. The cold and fresh January wind brushed my cheeks and make my hairs swept away. The waves made a feeble but refreshing chime which made me feel like I am finally home…This is where is home is. This is where I belong.


I don’t know whether its the place or the time or the feel…It can’t be the place because this is  my 20th time being here. It cant be the time, because I have been here with my beer for many times. Then may be its the feel..that state of mind, which makes us feel home. Home is a feeling.

NB – Sorry for the short post. I really didn’t wanna stretch it forcefully. And Thanks for patiently reading me. I am loving this challenge so far.




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