My skin care & make up routine

You know that this is not a beauty blog. But today I decided to talk about how I treat myself when it comes to skin care and make up. You can’t come across a more honest daily routine than this one. I swear.


My skin routine starts with a face wash while I brush every morning. I don’t use a particular brand or type of face wash any more. I just grab whatever is closer to me and most times I end up using a bath soap on my face.  Whenever I wash my face, I wipe it with a tissue. I have severe dust allergy people. So if I spend money on my skin care, which is for buying tissue paper.

Next thing, while getting ready for office, I used to put a moisturizer, then a BB cream until my last tube got finished which was in 2015 I guess. I still got my moisturizer, which I rarely apply. I doubt it is already expired. After moisturizer, usually without any moisturizer, I put on some Kajal and a nude or burgundy lipstick to make sure that neither I  look sleepy nor people ask me how much I smoke by seeing my dark lips.


Then comes my hairstyle. I struggle a lot with hair since I can remember. I don’t like to leave it open. I get head ache if I tie it up tight. And I don’t like to tie loose. So most days, I don’t even use a comb but get two of my stretchy and old bands and put my hair up to make sure I don’t bother about it until night.

Then I use my perfume. I don’t skip this one.

So, other than a perfume and tissue papers, there is nothing that isn’t expired or usable in my collection. I haven’t been to a beauty salon for last 2 years. There is a new grey hair on my head every day. I look sober every day. I look the least attractive on work days. But the thing is, I don’t care. Things weren’t the same all the time. I had some interest in all this stuff but can’t really say when it all fell out to into the most boring bucket.

I think that is normal right? When everyone talks about skin care and make up, I think about the last time I had a facial clean up, which I think is more than 5 years back. Well, normal or not, I am getting too old for this kinda stuff.


So that was my skin care and make up routine. For the first and only time I am not interested in listening from you about your routine, unless you are crazy lazy bad ass like me. *wink*


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