Grumpy Life

I remember my friend telling me every-time to stop thinking negative. I do expect the worst of everything. And the worst part, if I have a consensus partner I will tell then how worse its gonna happen. Back in those days, I had many such partners, but one at a time. And all of them where my best friends or roommates at that time.

So every time I talk about the things that might go wrong, they tell me that am a negative person. Well, here, ironically I have to disagree with  my consensus partners. I am not a negative person. Because one, I don’t bring negativity to any one, and secondly everyone hates a negative person but I wasn’t ever hated by anyone. I just get more excited about the ‘just missed shots’, or the ‘almost got it’ feel. Sometimes failure gives a better thrill than success.


I somehow have realized it very early in my life. I used to take shots I was sure of missing, especially in relationships. That sounds crazy but ya I have done that almost 4 times but call it my luck or curse, none of it went as worse as I expected. I am still here, happy and not so heart broken.

It seems like, things always work out the other way. Life is watching all our moves. If we want A it will make sure we get an Z and if we want Z, there comes A on your way. How ever optimistic or in my case pessimistic, we are the truth is its gonna suck anyway.


On a side note – I love grumpy cat though I don’t like it when life becomes grumpy.


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