Why a feminist ?

Do we need a reason to be feminists ? It’s sad that sometimes I have to convince people that feminism is a positive term. In my opinion, there are no feminists. There are either misogynists or equalists. Why I fall under the second group is:


  1. Because me being on road after 8 PM is not safe
  2. Because I hate when people say ‘ stop being a girl’
  3. Because house keeping is only a woman’s job
  4. Because I hate the fact that most men doesn’t even know the name of vegetables
  5. Because ‘I have a boyfriend’ is the only sentence that can stop other men hitting on you
  6. Because my bra size doesn’t define my success
  7. Because for centuries, religion decides what a woman should do and shouldn’t.
  8. Because its not just my husband’s responsibility to take care of the finances
  9. Because every minute, there are women being raped or tortured and the govt is just worried about the cows
  10. Because I hate being told what has to be doneannie-spratt-210845
  11. Because I don’t wanna be the last to know about a family decision
  12. Because I hate it when mothers and daughters cook lunch, fathers and sons watch TV and then talk about women empowerment during lunch
  13. Because I believe if a woman can multitask, a man can too. We are not that different.
  14. Because I hate the fact that responsibility is always upon women and power is always upon men
  15. Because its being 6o years since this nation’s independence until now we had just 1 lady prime minister and 1 president, because obviously Indian women and busy in kitchen
  16.  Because I hate that women are forced to quit their jobs and take care of the baby while being a father doesn’t affect a men’s career at all
  17. Because,in India, even today, whether to work after marriage or not, is decided by less educated men in laws
  18. Because ‘Whats there to eat ?’ is the most asked question to an Indian woman
  19. Because women are forced to sacrifice their freedom, dreams, and talents in the name of culture and religion
  20. Because I hurt the ego of a man if i overtake his carjulia-caesar-24806
  21. Because my brother advises my niece not to learn anything from my dressing or life style
  22. Because marrying a man outside my religion and community made me a ‘rebel’
  23. Because, despite all the achievements and success, in marriage market a women is either fair, dark, skinny or fat.
  24. Because I hate to be afraid of every men that stands close
  25. Because, one day, I want a daughter and I want her to live like a man.






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