30 years!!!

Happy Birthday to me…

Yes. I hit 30 this week. How does it feel ? Normal. Just like 29 and mostly 31. πŸ™‚

But ya, I was panicking a little last week. I was doing my own review and found I haven’t accomplished much. When I say ‘much’, it means ‘as I thought I would’. Mainly because, most of these articles out there, about turning 30, points out the good things about it, if you think turning 30 is a bad, scary thing.


First of all, turning 30 isn’t bad at all. Secondly, I was happy about my birthday until I read a few of those articles and realized that I have wasted my life. Ya.So my advice- Never google for a turning 30 or 40 article.Even is you are very successful and accomplished, there would be something which will make you depressed.

So that was last week. And I got over it fast and had a wonderful birthday. πŸ™‚ Got an unlimited shopping offer from my partner and utilized it very well, along with a great dinner.


I had made a 30 before 30 list 2 years back, (here is the link if you wanna double check – 30 before 30) and I decided to quickly check where I stand now even though reviewing and appraising hasn’t been my friend any time. Well, who cares…am gonna do it anyway. So here we go…

  1. Go on a road trip – Β Done. Not just one but many.
  2. Do scuba diving – Nope. My aqua-phobia is growing every year and I don’t think I will ever do this one.
  3. Get married – Β As expected, this happened and I can’t be happier for this one milestone in my life.
  4. Buy/Finalize a house –ah. Don’t get me started on this one. Our house hunt is continuing for last 2 years and I don’t see this one happening anytime soon.
  5. Go vegetarian for a month – Yup. Done.
  6. Get a pay hike – I am not sure why this is even a part of my goals. But done already.
  7. Start using night cream – Β hahahah, 2 years before I thought I must do this and now I care a damn about any beauty products, really. Check out my skincare and make up routine for the details –Β My skin care & make up routine
  8. Move to another country – I have been travelling a lot since I wrote this one 2 years back. I even went on assignments abroad but never got a chance to settle anywhere. Now, after seeing all he hatred news I don’t wanna live in any other country but mine.
  9. Cut my hair short…really short – I have had multiple hair styles but never too short. I can’t make up my mind on this one.
  10. Go shopping in Singapore – Done. Explored all the branded and local shopping streets in Singapore since I was there for a month.
  11. Learn not to get upset on everything – Oh am happy to say that I improved a lot. I am quietly turning to my Mom now and am loving it.
  12. Run a marathon – Just for fun – Nope. 😦
  13. Go toΒ a concert – Yup, while we were in Singapore.
  14. Travel somewhere all by myself – Even though I did a lot of lone travel in Singapore, I can’t really count it in the way I mentioned this goal. I need to bag pack at least once.
  15. Spend a night camping under the stars – Nope. During our travels, most days end up with high alcohol content and thus cant really make a decision on where and how to sleep. Usually we doze of on the couch itself. Sad and so unromantic. I know. I will work on this.
  16. Learn how to wear make up – Nope. Not gonna happen. Sorry. In 2 years I aged at least 10 years, so I ain’t even gonna try this anymore.
  17. Start a new hobby – hmmm. Good one. I totally forgot about this. Can instagraming be considered as a hobby ?
  18. Learn a new language – Ohh yeah. As I thought I would, I did learned Hindi and Gujarati.
  19. Buy a car – Yup. Done and this is one of the best things I have now. Love to drive even though the traffic here sucks.
  20. Make an album – Ok, not exactly there, but at least I bought an album. I just have to finalize on the pics and then take the print. We can consider this half done, can’t we ?
  21. Attend a class on anything from cooking to photography – Well, am turning to be a pro in both cooking and photography without any class..lol. I know, I know. That wasn’t the point. I am planning for a yoga class now but my sleeping habits are saying no. I shall try more.
  22. Get a pet – Nooooo. I really want one but my partner doesn’t like any animals…grrr. Drawbacks of relationships.
  23. Read more books – I think I am pretty much doing this even though its been 2 months since I read my last book.
  24. Make wine – No…still pending.
  25. Watch movie in an open theater – Ok. I tried. But there are no open theater in this place. What shall I do ?
  26. Start waking up early in morning – Can 7 be considered as early in the morning ?
  27. Visit Paris – Not yet but may be soon.
  28. Bake a cake – Nope. Striking off as I am not gonna do it.
  29. Write more – Yes. I am. And am working on my writing by my non-travel posts challenge..check out older posts.
  30. Β Learn how to be happy – I can’t say I learned this but I am less depressed now. So may be I did.

I am not exactly counting the goals I already accomplished but I think I have done pretty good, right ? I hope you agree with me.

Until next post.


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