It was raining whole day. It has been raining since last week. I have to get out and bring groceries. I have never stored a thing because apparently I hate a loaded refrigerator.  It wasn’t expected to rain this long. The river has broadened double. The whole village is flooded. They  have cut off the power supply too. Neither the milk man nor the newspaper boy is able to come uphill till here.


Since when I am thinking of building a proper road?  It isn’t that difficult to climb but when it rains, the stream takes off the only paved path. So I am stuck here. Since last week. I can’t afford to run out of food now.  The rain has already took away my half grown provisions and destroyed the entire farm.

The market is just two miles away but reaching there through this pouring would be a job. There are no street lights, there barely is any street now.  I wonder what everyone else is doing at their houses now. How they are surviving. How they are feeding their kids. I can’t take care of myself and my two cats. People might be tougher than I thought.


I don’t think I should wait for more. Its dark but the pouring is less intense. What if I don’t get to go out for one more week? Let’s just grab the torch and step out now. I hope the market would still be open.

My kittens are nowhere in view. They might have found the warmest beds on the attic. Doesn’t matter how many beds or boxes I keep for them, they always get to the attic in monsoons. Lets just lock them up there. I will be back soon, I hope.

Its darker than I thought it would be. The clouds have covered the sun for days. This seems like the riskiest evening walk I had since I moved in. I have never seen this much rocks and clay on this road. Rain can do anything, can’t he? It can bring me back to this place from the metro, it can lock me up in the house for weeks and it can make me hike this rocky slippery walk in the dark.


I could see some light there on the right. Is there another house ? Or someone else brave enough to step out for a walk ? I need to see what is going on there. I haven’t met another human in days. I like that. But now I need to see someone. Just anyone. I can just see a shadow. It’s a man, of huge built. He is moving.  It is not clear but besides holding his umbrella, he is all wet. Looks like he is wearing an overall with no top. His flip-flops, in fact his whole feet in inside the clay. He looks familiar. Omg ! Yes ! He looks very familiar.

Oh that is him.

I wasn’t sure whether it’s the rain or was it really tears that is running down my face? I started walking back, thinking about the last time I wasn’t alone but couldn’t find any.All these years….all these years I have been waiting for this moment. I felt that the universe around me has come to a halt and is looking on to me to make a first move, again ?


He turned to me…and my heart felt the jolt.I tried hard to hide my wet face.

Something is different. Something is wrong. His eyes don’t have that sparkling anymore. Does he grow a beard ? His cheeks look different.  I can’t really say what is wrong…then, he talked, ‘am…am lost. My wife is waiting for me down town. Could you help me to get of here?’….

I didn’t say a word. Talking wasn’t necessary at that moment. I signaled him to follow me and walked down. I tried hard to keep my heart’s screams low. I kept calm and walked, repeating to myself, ‘I got me’.




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