10 things to do in Bali


Since I completed 10 non-travel posts and I have a little happy feeling of accomplishment I am taking a break from the challenge. Yes. Its a bit hard to find what to write about. I need inspiration. I need to be more sad and lonely.

Since I am not sad or lonely or inspired right now, I decided to put together a post on Bali. This is ’10 things to do in Bali’ not 10 places to go. So if you wanna know more about places then ask me. Hope this helps.

  1. Get a Balinese massage

If you are looking for some great and affordable massages, Bali is your place. Bali is famous for its spa and massages. If you visit Bali for even just a day, make sure you get Balinese massage. Most of the hotels, provide luxurious spa and massage offers but you could also find cheap but good massage centers on every corner. Try it.


2. Visit the temples

Bali is famous for its religious and cultural background. Balinese culture and history are tightly tied to Hinduism and if you ask me, you could see the best architecture in Bali temples. There are a lot of temples in Bali, but make sure you don’t miss these ones -Tanah Lot, Pura, Uluwtu temple, Goa Gajah, Ulun Danu Beratan Temple and Besakih.



3.Have a Balinese Veg meal and also the non veg breakfast

Balinese food tastes like a heavenly meal. Though majority of the locals are non vegetarians, the veg platter is also rich and mostly cooked with coconut flavor. Try a local balinese veg meal, It comes with rice and many curries both dry and gravy. As balinese people are mostly rice eater, their day usually starts with fried rice. Try a non veg fried rice break fast too. You gonna love everything you see, smell and eat in Bali. I promise.


4. Try Luwak Coffee

Ok. So have you ever had Luwak coffee ? I had my first in Bali. From a Luwak farm. And it was amazing that we bought a lot of those home. So, if you are ok with the process of making Luwak coffee powder then you should drink at least once in your life.

So, here is how it is made. Luwak is an Asian palm civet. A cute but angry one. The one I met kept hissing at me all the time. Anyways, this Luwak’s eat coffee cherries and then defecates the half digested coffee beans. This feces is collected and processes to make Luwak coffee. So basically you are drinking Luwak Shit, and its yummy. This is one of the most expensive coffee in the world. Its expensive in Bali too but do try.


5. Take a long walk in the paddy fields

We spend 4 days in Ubud, from where we traveled up and down to Tagalalang rice terrace. Its vast, green, gorgeous and peaceful. Leave all the belonging in the car, take off your shoes and walk through the paddy terrace. You could feel nature’s warmth and farmers sweat.




6. Try some adventurous water sports

You gonna love this if you like water sports. I ain’t a water person, so I didn’t really try this. But my friends had a great time and here are few places you could also go – Tanjung Benao, Wira water sports. Bali Jet Set dive. Also, Bali is the place for building friendship with dolphins. There are dolphin lodges where you could swim with dolphins. Isn’t that cool ?


7. Rent a two wheeler and go for a ride through the narrow village roads in Bali in rain

Bali is a place to travel on two wheeler for, one – the roads are amazing and the view is astonishing, second – Bali roads are really narrow and there is a chance that you could stuck up in traffic for hours.


And it rains in Bali almost every other day. Its nice to wear those thin plastic raincoats and ride around the narrow lanes of Ubud.

8. Visit Ubud arts market

Ubud is undoubtedly a must visit place in Bali. And there is an Ubud arts and crafts market where you get to buy the masterpieces of talentes artisans of Bali. And it will make you a crazy shopper. Make sure to bargain a little bit.

Fore details on the art market read this post – Ubud art market shopping


9. Party hard

I am not so much of a party person. But since we visited Bali in new year, we went to explore Bali’s night life and we were truly amazed. We visited the Sky Garden Pub in Kuta, which is one of the best in Bali. The atmosphere is great, cocktails are awesome and it has 3 floors with 3 different DJ’s, so that in case if your taste of songs ain’t going with one Dj just go to another floor. Also, try the Long Island Ice Tea.


At Kabupaten Badung  where the Sky Garden is situated, you could do get a number of good pubs. The crowd is good, mostly tourists and its all in walk able distance so you could easily do pub hopping.

10. Feed the monkeys

Only if you are brave. There is this place called Monkey forest which is actually a habitat of monkeys. So there are more monkeys than humans and these monkeys are very smart. If you don’t want to feed them, it’s better not to take any food in your hand or bag. Not just food, but water bottles, sunglasses, wallet, keys or anything.


Bali is an awesome place. Less crowded, great climate, very cheap and far away from all the chaos. Plan your next vacation there. And if you need any help, you could contact me anytime. 🙂

Other posts on Bali – The Balinese Architecture


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