Something new, something good.

Hi there,

I have been a bit absent from all sorts of social media recently and it is an conscious process which is part of my new life style. Yes.

We never talked about this, but recently I have been interested in a lot of stuff which improves the quality and productivity of day to day life and finally I decided to give it a try. Here are a few changes I brought to my day to day life. I hope I can continue with the same and shall adopt more better ways to make a better living.


  1. Have a plan – I am a person who doesn’t like surprises. I like to have things planned, so there won’t be any end time chaos. Recently I have extended the planning process to most things in my life and I gotta tell you, it makes life so simple. So I started on planning dinner menu every week and then prep for the meals which makes my morning less hassled. Also am working on financial planning, travel plan and of course shopping plans.
  2. Work Out – I never worked out in my entire life since I have always been that tall skinny friend who eats a lot. Lucky me. But since last week, we had made a plan and decided to start a morning work out session, starting with morning walks.
  3. Drink Water – I have been trying many detox drinks recently and finally settled on cucumber mint water. It tastes mild but refreshing. It doesn’t need to a detox drink every time, but drink water, lots and lots of it.vadim-sherbakov-30
  4. Get organized – The first point itself, to have a plan, must bring a drastic change to the way and order of life. Still, put some more efforts and once in a week, get my shit together. So, I decided that Sunday is my day. Sunday is kept aside for cleaning, organizing, getting ready for the week ahead, and to get in touch with all the valuable people in my life. Last Sunday went pretty well.
  5. Read daily – I am forcing myself to read at least one page a day. I have been keeping most of the books aside since my interest s shifting really fast. It has come from fiction to autobiography to self help and now financial. But ya, kindle helps me in getting the books faster and I am determined to read at least one page a day.hope-house-press-127593

There are a few other things too, which I don’t wanna disclose unless I complete at least one month of trial by myself. But ya I am cutting down my blog posts to once a week and other social media is on ignore state now. Its surprising how interests change in a few days, so do priorities.

So until next week.



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