Love isn’t enough..

People say nothing matters if you are being loved.

Love drives life, it gives hope and makes things better.

I have to disagree with this.


Despite of having a loving family and a wonderful husband I still find it way too hard to get out of bed in mornings.

I still find myself lost most of the times.

Its hard to keep  my interest, mind and heart in one single thing for more than a day.

It is almost impossible to eat, breathe and live.

I have no worries in life, other than where to eat for dinner.

I ain’t struggling for livelihood, or in my relationships.

I am not deprived of sleep, just a bit too much in love with sleep.


Still, its had to spend a day.
Its hard to stay alive.
Its hard to keep going.
Love isn’t always enough. There is something missing and I can’t figure out what.


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