Sometimes the only motivation to write a post is that mail you get that says somebody started following you…Thanks to all the people who decided to put up with me and my crazy words. I am as pissed as you. So cheers.

That reminds me of my last weekend getaway which we took to Daman, a beautiful seaside along the Arabian sea. It was raining cats and dogs. The drive in such rain was thrilling. The view from our hotel was breathtaking as we went for a little luxury this time. But the highlight was that me and my partner was drunk all day, that we clicked only a single picture on the entire 3 days. But am glad that the picture is not blurr even though I didn’t even bother to open the window and click, I was that relaxed. Sorry, no sorry.


I have ‘almost’ stopped writing about the travels we do. I think travelling has become so overrated these days. Everybody is travelling to somewhere and putting up great pics in insta. When I go there and see the place, I wonder ‘how the hell he managed to get that pic’. Because, most of the places are overcrowded and dirty and by the time I get somewhere all I want is to relaxxx and my relaxation doesn’t come with a phone or camera. Since I got over the travel, solo travel, travel is life kinda craziness; my instagram is dying or is already dead.  I have more important things going on in my life…like chilled beers, cheese pizzas and a nice 12 hour sleep.

I want to say, life is good. But then I said that the last time I had travel plans. Also the time I had an active insta account.  And also the time I crashed into a dustbin in the alley. May be life is actually good, unless you are having your periods, or mood swings, or pregnant or getting fired or dying. Since, at this moment am free from all the above disasters, life is actually pretty good.

Until next mood swing, smile J.





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