Love isn’t enough..

Non Traval Post Challenge – Post 12
Sleepless nights, random thoughts, restless mind.


Something new, something good.

Non Travel Post Challenge – Post 11
A few life style changes with shifting interests and priorites.


Non travel post challenge – Post 10
I might be obsessed with many things but never the way I am obsessed with Monsoon. So whenever I sit down to scribble, it rains in my mind.

30 years!!!

30 Non – travel post challenge – Post 9
Turning 30 !!!

Why a feminist ?

30 posts challenge – post 7
Dedicated to all the women and men I know

Grumpy Life

30 posts challenge – Post 6.
How weird is to be excited about failures ? And does life has to be grumpy always ?

My skin care & make up routine

30 posts challenge – Post 5
Since we are on this challenge and I decided to give you all a break from whining about life, sharing my skin care and make up routine.


30 posts challenge – Post 4
An attempt to pen down my thoughts while relaxing at Varkala beach.

The Hiraeth

30 posts challenge – Post 3
““The truth,” she tells Sugar, “[is that] I am sick with panic that I cannot — will not — override my limitations, insecurities, jealousies, and ineptitude, to write well, with intelligence and heart and lengthiness.”

Life Lately

30 posts challenge – Post 2
Have you noticed that I talk about ‘life’ a lot ? That is my favorite topic to write about.

Morning thoughts

Starting my 30 Post Challenge with an attempt to bullet how I spend first 15 minutes of my morning everyday.

The 30 posts challenge

I am not a challenge person. I am not even a person who is up for anything. Ya that lazy I am. But I realize that the only way to improve the quality of anything is to take up some challenge and work on it.  So yes, even though my mind says I can’t do…