The wrap around palazzo

One dress at a time, one outfit post in a month. Because I usually wear formals from Mon to Fri and I am trying some minimalist ideas for my casual closet.


Summer is here.

Hey there, Hope things are good at your end. I was a little busy on work  for the last few days. I have been planning on writing a lot of things but had no time. Also, since I had deleted all my post drafts, I have nothing to share now. hmmm. No comments on that. Things…

The travel outfit

Spare my suntanned face and tired look. This i how I looked after all the adventures in Bali. While we were getting ready to board the flight back, we took a few seconds to click quickly what I wore, because my husband find my outfit pretty cool. Ha, that happens very rarely. And I was…

Casual yet Chic

By the time we reached Ubud from Kuta, the beaches got out of sight and came the scenic paddy fields and vegetation. We had a hard time resisting ourselves from stopping every 5 mins and click the beauty around. On that day we headed to visit the paddy fields, being far from where we stayed…

The loosey-goosey dress

While we were in Kuta, Bali we visited a number of nearby beaches, all blue, all beautiful. I was searching for the most comfortable dress in my luggage and found this one. And I swear, this dress let the wind blow through me and it made me stay cooler in the beach sun. I found…

Summer Outfit

I haven’t focused on any fashion or lifestyle posts yet. But hey, its a new year so let’s try something new. We have been traveling since end of December until yesterday, and I can’t tell you how much I loved it. First of all, travelling makes me relaxed and secondly being away from Mumbai makes…

What I wore in Singapore

While we were enjoying our days in Singapore, I bothered little about what to wear. Though I tried to pull out the most unused and fresh pieces from my wardrobe, some days I was too lazy that I just wore what was hanging on the chair. ah, typical me.  

Outfits – Bangalore days

Hi there… I had some pictures in my phone which I clicked during my weekends in Bangalore. And I don’t want to spoil my travel posts with this not so pretty pics. So here is one post just for the love of dressing up….